Welcome to my projects. You’ll be able to see how I was able to apply my knowledge to solve problems facing society.

Project DoorFender

The Project Doorfender is the capstone project that I worked on for the PLTW (Project Lead The Way) program. The project that my group and I chose was to prevent dooring from occurring. Dooring is when a parked car opens their door and it hits a moving cyclist. To prevent this, a vision subsystem was created to detect bikes. This was done through openCV and utilizing machine learning via haar cascade files to detect bikes. Then, this subsystem would send a signal to the locking subsystem which would then turn on an electromagnet to prevent the car door from opening. Lastly, the camera to detect bikes was mounted using the sensor subsystem.

Drone Autonomous Navigation System [WIP]

This is an ongoing project that I am working on in which I join my passion for machine level programming and robotics with my love for computer vision and AI. The goal of this project is to get a drone to fly autonomously through an indoor area and use computer vision and mapping algorithms to navigate through the home. In addition, this project would need to utilize feedback loops to prevent crashing due to insufficient rotor speed or incorrect pitch angle.

Personal Website

This project was made to showcase my work in a more detailed manner than I could via resume or Linkedin. Essentially, I wanted to create a more comprehensive view of myself by creating a fun project. To do this, I created an AWS EC2 instance and created a LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL Php) server to create the groundwork. Then I worked on the ui and frontend using wordpress and partially using HTML and CSS to aid me.

FRC Against Covid-19

This project was created during the Covid-19 Pandemic. During this time, frontline workers were in dire need for PPE. A few members from my robotics team as well as neighboring robotics teams heard about this initiative and decided to join. What we did was use a 3D Model given to us of a face shield visor and we would 3D print, sterilize, and prepare them to be picked up and delivered to local hospitals. This was an especially memorable project as I could see how my skills from engineering directly transferred to making a difference in the world.

Set Game Theory Analysis

This was a project in my Intro to Discrete Mathematics Honors class. My group and I decided to try and dive into the Set Game and look into the different mathematical implications of making small changes to the rules. To analyze this, we used Ramsey Number to help us discover the amount of sets that can be created. It took a lot of research and learning but it was a satisfying project in the end.